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Streamline and optimize your delivery business

beepDelivery is a management system that integrates delivery services. Orders are received via UBER EATS, phone, etc., and delivery requests are automatically sent to the company's own staff. The staff can use the dedicated app to instantly see which route to take. Managers can track the location and delivery status of their staff in real time so they can manage more efficiently. In addition, staff can be shared across the region to improve operational efficiency and reduce staffing shortages.

Social Issues to be Solved #1

COVID-19 makes restaurant labor precarious and difficult to maintain

Currently, restaurants have difficulties increasing their sales due to the space constraints and occupancy numbers. Additionally, the number of customers eating in restaurants have decreased due to COVID-19 leaving many restaurants on the verge of closing. The delivery services are a response to these times and can reduce some of these restrictions.

Online delivery services charge a fee so restaurant profits decrease. In addition, there are some challenges with developing your own delivery partners, you didn't know where they were, and it would add to the hassle of having to call them to check on customers when they contacted you.

Also, using multiple customer-attracting services to increase profits can be difficult to manage and may end up taking more time to work on.

Additionally, there is a lack of human resources, and there will always be a labor shortage for restaurants.

Delivery Business Issues

1. Reduce high fees

2. Manage and track delivery staff.

3. Cumbersome marketing management

4. Lack of human resources

beepDelivery as a solution to the challenge

Establish a stable store by streamlining and optimizing delivery business management

beepDelivery is a system offered to restaurants that operate a delivery business, by initiating both delivery requests to delivery partners such as Uber Eats and in-house deliveries. It is possible to create a store structure that allows employees to continue working during COVID-19 situations where the number of customers visiting the store is unstable.

beepDelivery automates delivery orders for your own delivery staff and allows you to track their location in real time. Deliverers can view their orders, delivery details and routes to the delivery destination using the dedicated app.

Both the head office and individual stores can manage menus, orders, and inventory on one platform with beepDelivery. Since the system is integrated with UberEATS and other systems, changes made in beepDelivery are reflected immediately.

With beepDelivery, you can share delivery personnel with multiple stores, which allows you to balance staff roles for multiple stores. This service is ideal for companies that already have a delivery system in place as well as those that want to build their own delivery system.

Solution Steps

STEP 1 Reduce costs by using your own delivery staff

STEP 2 Real-time tracking of your own delivery staff

STEP 3 Centralized management of menus, orders, and inventory

STEP 4 Share staff with other stores

Link multiple services


An integrated management system allows for efficient management

beepDelivery organizes orders received from your own websites, delivery service websites such as UberEATS, and telephone calls. Since you can streamline and optimize the management of your in-house delivery business by linking menu and inventory data, etc., you can monetize your own delivery business efficiently and ensure a minimum profit even in difficult business environments. It also works with beepShift and beepTrust to record a delivery staff's work record, work history, and other performance, so you can improve productivity.
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Make shift-schedules with One Click
to save time

beepShift collect staff's schedules and generate shifts automatically making scheduling more efficient. When labor shortages occur, staff can be shared with other locations. It also enables you to manage multiple locations more efficiently based on the data stored in beepShift. The system can handle complex shifts that have a variety of skill requirements.

Social Issues to be Solved #2

"Labor Shortage → There's no acceptance system. → Labor Shortage” a vicious circle

In recent years, Japan has experienced a serious labor shortage for restaurants and retail stores due to the decline in the working population.

Due to labor shortages, existing employees are having to work longer and more difficult hours.

In addition, employees are wanting to work shorter shifts, one or two hours on the side, due lifting the ban on second jobs with recent changes in work styles.

This is a dilemma for companies. Companies cannot recruit these types of employees because these types of scheduling are difficult to manage manually.

Work Environment Issues

1. Decline in workforce

2. Jobs are not flexible

3. Curbing Longer hours

4. Operations are manual and inefficient

beepShift is a solution to these challenging problems

Reducing the burden on workers with technology and by sharing employees to solve labor challenges

To solve the problem, beepShift will automate the current manual shift scheduling processes by using IT technology and eliminate burdens on employees.

The ability to work flexible shifts is an advantage, especially today, where we should be able to accommodate diverse working styles. The advantage of such a work environment makes it easier for part-time workers. They can easily apply for these types of jobs.

After the number of available workers increase, we allow workers to be shared at multiple locations, rather than hiring vertically at each location. Finally, we solve labor shortages by helping to share workers within a geographic location.

Solution Steps

STEP 1 From analog to IT

STEP 2 Expanding types of Job Openings

STEP 3 Sharing your workforce

STEP 4 Share workers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data


Advantages of collecting large amounts of data using beepShift

beepShift keeps track of activities at each location as well as making shift adjustments.

beepShift analyzes multiple sources of data such as staffing, location managers, histories, sales, customer traffic, products sold, location congestion, employee hiring, skills, and turnover. beepShift makes recommendations to managers based on correlations found in the data.

Managers can use suggestions from the AI to decide on appropriate staffing, hiring plans, and employee training policies.
It allows for efficient, data-driven management for all your sites.
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beepShift’s AI collects and analyzes data from the locations on a daily basis.
The results are fed back to offices for use in their operations.
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Everyday HR Assessment Tool

beepHR offers features tailored to each company's specific HR evaluation system. beepHR is an integrated service that combines HR evaluations, with OKRs and 360-degree reviews, task management, engagement, and data analysis. We also provide a talent management system to help place the right people in the right places. Fair evaluations and proper placement of the right people will keep employees happy and improve retention (and reduce turnover).

Social Issues to be Solved #3

When there are talent shortages, problems within the organization lead to a deteriorating working environment and further the loss of talent.

At present, Japan is faced with a shrinking workforce and a shortage of human resources, and only a small number of talented people are being selected for employment. This is not only the case in Japan, but also in other developed countries, such as in US's global corporations.

A research also shows that 70.5% of employees are dissatisfied with their HR evaluations. If you're unhappy with the organization and your job, your passion for your work will be sapped and your motivation will suffer.

Employees you have hired have left, and it leads to a chronic labor shortage.

Organizational Issues

1. Employees' dissatisfaction and distrust of personnel evaluations

2. Employees lose sight of their goals and sense of purpose

3. Employees lose motivation

4. Good employees leave

beepHR as a solution to the challenge

You want to cultivate a company where "everyone is on the job" with "achievement" points for achieving goals and receiving high ratings.

By implementing beepHR, you will be able to solve your company's organizational challenges with clear goal setting and fair personnel evaluation.

Clear communication in a personnel evaluation is important for management and HR departments. It is a good idea to add an index rather than "results" to the evaluation framework. The "like" evaluation function will help you to visualize results, that are usually difficult to see, to motivate your employees to produce even better results.

Recruitment alone is not an answer to labor shortage problems. You need to have a system in place that includes proper goal setting and personnel evaluation to keep the best people on board.

Solution Steps

STEP 1 Set a clear goal

STEP 2 360-degree evaluations to increase conviction

STEP 3 Motivate employees with incentives

STEP 4 Create an environment where employees do not want to leave



beep HR provides the solid proof of an employee's work history.

beepHR tracks each employee's achievements, evaluations, and awards at the company.

All of your employees' achievements during their tenure will be recorded on the blockchain, so their accomplishments in the company will be recorded as well. This encourages the employees to strive for recognition from the company, which leads to increased productivity. Teamwork achievements will also be recognized, which will improve the team dynamics of the organization.

By using blockchain technology, the authenticity of the information is ensured because no one can tamper with the results.
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A Secure and Reliable
Human Resources Database

Important personal HR information, such as an individual's work history, accomplishments, and evaluations in their current or former company is recorded with blockchain. The value individuals create are verified, and it creates a space where everyone is fairly evaluated. This information is then provided to companies that hire them. So, the number of hiring failures are drastically reduced because they can make decisions based on correct HR information.

Social Issues to be Solved #4

Human resource databases are not as reliable, objective, or shareable as personal credit systems are in financial services.

There are a lot of resumes and talent databases which have no facts or evidence that verifies candidates' background. Recruiting companies spend a lot of time to confirm whether there is false information with their former or current companies, however some companies may not cooperate with recruiting companies or sharing negative information.

In addition, most talent databases are only used by highly skilled people and there is no extensive talent database for full-time, contract, part-time or freelance employees.

Furthermore, there are no resumes or talent databases that correctly describe the achievements and evaluations of work and project responsibilities, etc.

As a result, resumes and databases are often false. Hiring based on incorrect information can result in a mismatch between candidate and company, which is unfortunate for both parties.

Recruitment Challenges

1. It is difficult to verify previous employment/ enrollment

2. The talent database is only for highly skilled personnel

3. The right track record and reputation are difficult to get

4. Hiring mismatches occur

beepTrust as a solution to the challenge

Empowering Individuals and Companies with "Proof of People's Work Experience"

beepTrust utilizes a highly secure and proprietary blockchain technology to record candidates' actual work histories, accomplishments, and evaluations, including their past employers, in a form that cannot be falsified and can be used as a "trusted resume".

In addition, beepTrust's talent database correctly records candidates' performances and evaluations regardless of the position they work in, whether they are a full-time, contractor or part-time employee, and shares their personal efforts and values.

This personal HR information can be managed as a personal asset because small achievements at the individual level are shareable. For employers, there is a huge reduction in hiring failures because they can make decisions based on correct personal HR information. Not only will this help individuals to live better lives, but it will also increase the satisfaction level of both employers and individuals. Individuals will not only be able to enjoy a better life, but also experience increased satisfaction for both their company and as individuals.

Solution Steps

STEP 1 Share candidates' achievements while protecting their confidential information

STEP 2 Record correctly, regardless of candidates' position or employment status

STEP 3 Invest employees' contributions in the company as personal assets

STEP 4 Reduce hiring mistakes and increase efficiency

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Proof of work history beyond the resume
beepTrust are services that allow for both individuals and companies to check the qualitative and quantitative information about an individual's past employment with a company, including information obtained from beepHR and beepShift, so it is a human resource database optimized and advanced by the blockchain recording and the machine learning data extraction. In addition, beepTrust adopts a system in which companies (third parties) provide and verify their work history, and it is designed in such a way as to ensure the reliability of their work history.
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