Naohiro Nishida

Co-Founder, CFO, Director of the Board, beepnow Inc. (US)
Representative Director and CFO, beepnow systems Inc. (Japan)

2008 Graduated from Meiji University, School of Political Science and Economics
2008 Nomura Securities Co.Ltd.
2012 Established a consulting firm for high net worth people
2017 Co-founded beepnow

Naohiro studied Political Science and Economics at Meiji University. Studied finance in New York during his university days.

In 2008, he joined Nomura Securities Co.Ltd. and spent five years in the Wealth Management Division advising ultra-wealthy individuals on their assets.

After that, with the support of many customers, he became independent, and started his own private advisory business. This business expanded to Singapore, Japan and the United States. He has strong relationships with domestic and international private banks.

He is a co-Founder and CFO of beepnow, Inc. where he is responsible for finance strategy.

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