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These kind of problems can also be solved!
Warehouse Case
① Problem
Difficult shift management with many employees
There are many employees and it takes time to collect the desired shift. If you collect shifts on LINE, transcription etc., errors may occur.
① Solution
Automatically collect the desired shifts
The system automatically collects the desired shift and reminds before the submission date. Employees submit shifts through the app, so no posting errors occurs.
② Problem
Difficult allocation of qualified personnel
Some jobs (sections) can only be performed by qualified personnel. It is hard to think about the right combination of employees.

② Solution
Automatically create shifts taking into account the placement of qualified personnel
The shift can be divided into the required number of qualified personnel and the other required numbers, so the administrator does not need to consider the combination.
Warehouse Case Usage Examples
Create 24-hours and day-to-day shifts for employees who work continuously or long hours, especially those with complex working conditions involving night shifts (such as working hours for international students, securing rest time, etc.) .
1. Register the number of working hours per week for each employee
You can also set other settings such as minimum, maximum working hours, and no work after 22:00.

2. Register a shift model
You can also set up a shift that considers 24-hour shifts, night shifts or rest periods that adapt to all hours.

3. Collect desired shifts from employees
You can collect the shifts you want from employees working in the warehouse, and arrange shifts that meet multiple conditions, such as employees’ skills and holiday applications.
4. Automatically shifted according to the required number of people
Not only you can automatically adjust the excess or shortage of people, you can also easily know the staffing. It is also possible to secure one on-site supervisor or general manager at each time and shift to supervise employees who operate a forklift at business site.
5. Notify employees the confirmed shifts
Employees will be notified about the confirmed shift through their smartphone app. The employee’s working hours can only be viewed by the general manager and the individual.
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