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Solutions to problems in the
Nursing Industry

① Problem

Obsolete HR Evaluation Systems

When an evaluation system is not fully utilized, action plans for each employee are not managed and evaluations are not completed as scheduled. Evaluation sheets might be distributed on a regular basis, but employees merely submit the sheets on time to their supervisors.

① Solution

Evaluation Tool for Everyday Use

beepHR allows employees to check the progress of their action plans or encourage their co-workers by sending a "Nice" or "Thank You" message. With the feature to enter their own tasks, goals, or evaluations, employees use the system on a daily basis.

② Problem

Management Doesn't Know On-Site Personnel

When management does not understand the type of work performed by on-site personnel, there is always a conflict. It is essential to have a system to share the on-site status such as types of difficulties, issues, who solved issues, etc.

② Solution

Employee's Activities Tell All

HR and management can monitor all employees' tasks and keep track of messages sent and received among employees. By analyzing the data obtained through employees' activities, management can detect possible issues at an early stage such as employee turnover, overwork, etc.

Nursing Care Industry Usage Examples

Evaluation Sheet by Objective

Quantitative & Qualitative Evaluation

Create an evaluation sheet

HR creates a quantitative & qualitative evaluation sheet by ability such as "Care instructions", "Reception services", "Knowledge and capability of caregiving", etc.

Set targets and indexes

HR enters evaluation indexes, evaluator, and evaluatee in the evaluation sheet. The sheet is automatically distributed. Indexes can be set by employees as well.

Perform an evaluation

Evaluatees can receive their evaluation results (1-10 points) and comments from multiple evaluators. The given points are automatically calculated.

Goal Setting and Progress Report on a Daily Basis


OKR Evaluation

Task Management

Set personal and department goals in OKR. Department achievement rates are updated every time employees check off their completed goals using smartphone apps.

Employees can also manage their daily tasks to achieve their personal goals with their smartphones.

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