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Manufacturing Industry

① Problem

People Often Lose sight of Company Goals

People seldom check goals after setting them as they get busy and lose track of them. Also, employees' daily work often doesn't align with company goals and they end up working in different directions that are counterproductive to the overall companywide goals.

① Solution

Check the Status of Organization Goals on a Daily Basis

Personal goals and organization goals are aligned by OKRs; therefore, achievement rates of an organization goals are improved by achieving personal goals. This tool allows each individual to contribute to the goals within any organization and maintain motivation.

② Problem

Companies Fail to Gauge Employees' Abilities

class="indusDes"> You might have employees with fantastic abilities that are not fully utilized. Although you do not want to waste the talent or abilities in your organization, you might not know how to gauge your employees' individual abilities or skills.

② Solution

Discover Untapped Skills via Data Analysis

Employee data based on day-to-day operations, evaluations, employee exchanges, etc. can be analyzed. Data analysis can be applied to technical operations on-site, but also they can be applied to office-related operations such as call-handling skills, leadership, etc.

Manufacturing Industry Usage Examples

OKR Example

OKR Evaluation

Set implementation period

HR creates OKR appraisal sheets and sets the time period. After assigning the goal administrators and approvers, OKR sheets are distributed and employees will be able to fill in goals.

Set organization and personal goals

The following examples can be set on the OKR sheet.
e.g. Key results toward "Fewer in-process defects"
・ No more than 1 in-process defect during the second half of the year
・ Reduced costs from $8,000 dollars to $5,000 dollars
・ Implement on-site quality check, at least once a day

Update achievement rates

Once the goals have been set, achievement rates are updated every time key results are attained.

Confirm achievement rates

Achievement rates can be viewed on any device. You will always know if goal progress is on schedule.

Data Analysis Examples

Data Analysis

You can tell if your employees have “negative” or “positive” thoughts based on the messages from them.

You will know when an interview is necessary if there is a large discrepancy between supervisors' evaluations and their subordinates' self-evaluations, etc.

A linguistic analysis of the message shows who takes good care of their subordinates or who are good to work with.

Data can be used for reassignment of human resources. For example, if an employee with poor sale performance is rated as more of an idea man from a 360-degree evaluation, he can be transferred to the planning department.

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