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Government & Public Offices

① Problem

Poor Engagement

Lack of opportunities for open and candid communication among employees tends to cause poor engagement. Is there any system to enhance their engagement?

① Solution

beepHR Enhances Communication

With beepHR, employees can send messages or "Thanks" stickers to each other. More communication leads to higher employee interaction and engagement.

② Problem

Need an Integrated HR Data Management

class="indusDes"> HR data is growing every year yet the data is unorganized. HR operations depend on certain personnel and are extremely difficult for those who are not involved with the operations to see what data is stored where.

② Solution

Database for Personnel Info

class="indusDes"> beepHR offers centralized management of info each department. HR Department can efficiently systematize their routines and makes best use of their time.

Government Case Usage Examples

Evaluation of Target Achievements

1-on-1 Interview

OKR Evaluation

Qualitative & Qualitative Evaluation

Task Management

Set implementation period

HR sets the implementation period for an evaluation and selects a template of evaluation sheet, depending on what needs to be evaluated (e.g., quantitative and qualitative sheet to numerically evaluate task progress; OKR sheet to check the progress, etc.)

Set organizational goals

For OKR, management sets and enters organizational goals in the OKR sheet.

Set personal goals

Supervisors and subordinates decide personal goals to attain organizational goals during the interviews. Supervisors can add comments to the interview record. After the interview, personal goals are entered on the quantitative & qualitative evaluation sheet or OKR. For quantitative & qualitative evaluation, each target has a priority setting.

Check task progress

Dashboard shows OKR task progress.

Task management

Employees can access to the system and manage their own tasks from when the targets are set until they are achieved and evaluated.


For quantitative & qualitative evaluation, evaluatees (self-evaluation) and up to the 5th evaluator can make evaluations based on the achievement of personal goals or contribution toward organizational goals.

How to Enhance Communication


When the segmented groups work on a project, employees can send intergroup messages for smooth and effective communication.

When transferred to other department or location, an employee can send messages to their old and new bosses and co-workers.

An employee can send a message such as "Thanks" or "Nice" within the same office.

It is easy for supervisors to make their subordinates feel recognized by sending "Nice" and "Thanks for your help" messages. These interactions will improve employee engagement.

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