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These kind of problems can also be solved!
Factory Case
① Problem
Difficult shift management due to severe labor costs
It is difficult to make shifts while calculating labor costs, and it takes time to create shifts.
① Solution
Automatic shift adjustment and labor cost calculation
Labor costs are automatically calculated when creating a shift, so there is no need to calculate labor costs manually therefore no calculation errors are made.
② Problem
Troublesome allocation changes of personnel
In some cases, such as when the difficulty of work differs for each line, it may take some effort to create a shift based on that.
② Solution
Automatic allocation in consideration of the level of work acquisition
You can set the level of work acquisition for each employee, so the system will consider the optimal arrangement.
Manufacturing Industry Case Usage Example
Understand workers work hours in each process or location in the factory. It can efficiently respond to detailed processes by making a shift in 5 minutes. You can also check labor costs due to shifts at any time.
1. Register the required number of personnel and shift combination priority conditions based on the order data in the shift model
It is possible to register shifts in separate groups for each production line and register shifts. You may also set priorities such as “people with low hourly wages” and “people who can work after 22:00”.
2. Collect desired shifts from workers
If the worker’s desired shift is the same every week, you can register the submitted shift as a favorite and submit it automatically from the system.
3. Require personnel for each production line in advance, and appropriate staffing will be automatically made
Shifts are automatically assembled by the required number of people for each production line. Since no extra staffing is required, improvement in productivity can be expected.
4. Final confirmation of shift
Once the shift is confirmed, a final check can be made to prevent delays caused by mistakes when making the shift.
5. Notify the workers the confirmed shift
The confirmed shift can be notified to all employees with a single button. Labor costs can also be checked in 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks period.
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