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Solutions to problems in the
Construction Industry

① Problem

Unclear Goals Lower Motivation

Some employees come to work unaware of what their goals are, and some have goals that do not match objectives. This ends up wasting their time and effort. Unfortunately, they tend to lose sight of their targets and ultimately lose motivation.

① Solution

Status Check-ins

One-on-one interviews on a regular basis allow both supervisors and subordinates to discuss and set targets to increase motivation and help the employees develop. beepHR has a feature to keep track of all the interviews, which allows supervisors to understand their subordinates' current status and help them set up new targets.

② Problem

Performance Evaluations Based on Personal Preferences

Many employees feel their evaluations are based on their supervisors' personal preference and find it unfair. Instinctive evaluation leave employees dissatisfied and unhappy.

② Solution

Fair Quantitative & Qualitative Evaluation and 360° Feedback

Quantitative and qualitative evaluations are from multiple supervisors, and 360° feedback is from subordinates and co-workers. Using these approaches, corporations can get rid of the chain-of-command structure and offer a sense of fair evaluation to both evaluators and evaluatees.

Construction Industry Examples

Interview Records

One-on-One Interview

Create an evaluation sheet

HR creates and distributes the evaluation sheet once an interviewer, interviewee, and interview date are set. Interview details can be recorded on the evaluation sheet.

Add comments

Interviewer can add comments to the sheet.

Review past interviews

Easy to keep track of past interviews.

360° Feedback

360° Feedback

Create an feedback sheet

HR creates a 360° feedback sheet and set up a feedback giver, receiver, and implementation period. Since feedback givers and receivers can be set without restriction, any level of employees can give/receive feedback to/from any employee. Self-evaluation is also an option.

Check feedback given to their subordinates

Feedback results are displayed in a radar chart with multiple elements (e.g. knowledge, interpersonal skill, judgement, and so on.)

Review by a feedback receiver

Feedback receiver can review results and understand gaps in perception between the feedback givers and themselves.

Understand features of each employee

Supervisors can understand the features of each employee and assign appropriate tasks.

Evaluation Sheet by Job Type

Qualitative & Qualitative Evaluation

Create an evaluation sheet

HR creates a qualitative & qualitative evaluation sheet by job type. For example, "sales amount" and "customer satisfaction" for sales, "safety control", "quality control", and "process control" for construction workers, etc.

Set targets and indexes

HR enters evaluation indexes, evaluator, and evaluate in the evaluation sheet. The sheet is automatically distributed. Indexes can be set by employees as well.

Perform an evaluation

Evaluatees can receive their evaluation results (1-10 points) and comments from multiple evaluators. The given points are automatically counted.

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