Why Staffing Agencies Should Choose beepnow

Many companies use staffing agencies to help relive issues due to staff shortages.  Staffing agencies generally provide basic training of their temporary workers, calculate payroll, take time and attendance, recruit workers, and assist companies with hiring fantastic temporary workers.  However, most staffing agencies have outdated databases, an inability to collect accurate data, lack of communication logs, difficulties in scheduling based on skills, and more.  Most staffing agencies struggle by using excel sheets, pen and paper record-keeping, all while attempting to deliver top-notch service to multiple companies each with their own special staffing need.  Beepnow has several tools to assist staffing agencies and companies that use staffing agencies.  Here are some of the benefits for staffing agencies using beepnow software.  

beepShift for Communication and Employee Sharing

beepShift is an AI-driven auto-scheduling software platform that allows companies and staffing agencies to select and schedule employees based on availability, skills, and needs.  beepShift provides the ability to share staff across multiple locations and with different companies.  The beepShift software comes with a mobile app available on iOS and Android phones, it offers secured communication with employees, the ability for employees to enter their availability, skill rankings, and more.  Data is stored using blockchain technology, improving security, trust, and privacy.   

When a staffing agency client needs a temporary worker with specific skills, the scheduler can input that data into the schedule and beepShift will automatically search and request the candidates to be placed on the schedule based on their skill and availability.  The software will send notifications automatically to the workers that are the best fit to confirm they can work that shift at that location.  Saving time and money, by streamlining communication with workers.  In the app, there is also an SMS feature to message the workers directly if special instructions need to be shared.  Communication records are recorded and logged to assist with record keeping.  For staffing agencies, beepShift will save hours from a workweek spent on scheduling and searching for the right temporary staff for companies. For staffing agency clients, this allows them to automatically request staff from partnered staffing agencies at a push of a button.  Saving both time and money for both staffing agencies and companies that use them.  All the while improving temporary workers’ satisfaction and engagement. 

beepHR for Performance Management and Feedback

beepHR is another tool that seamlessly integrates with beepShift.  It provides a full HRM system with a built-in performance management system.  beepHR would allow staffing agencies to perform performance reviews of their temporary staff, by having clients conduct 360 reviews of the temporary worker, track, and measure task completion, use of OKRs, and more.  All the data is securely stored using blockchain technology and employees a powerful AI to assist with analytics.  Using beepHR will help both staffing agencies and companies to select the top-performing temporary staffers for permanent hire, as well as provide feedback on the services delivered to companies.  Since all data is stored securely on the blockchain, it is possible for temporary workers to carry with them a trustworthy work history as a digital resume. 

This provides proof of their experiences, job performance, skills, and more.  Helping temporary workers to find a permanent position with future employers.  beepHR also has a built-in communication system that provides a way to improve employee engagement and recognition.  For companies and staffing agencies alike, beepnow will help digitally transform organizations by improving data collection, communication, and reliability.  If your staffing agency or company is ready for digital transformation, please contact us for more information.

beepHR, a New HR Evaluation Tool for Everyday Use
"Since HR evaluations are only checked when setting and reviewing goals, employees tend to lose their sight of goals during their day-to-day operations. Often employees are working at cross purposes because they are not aware of their tasks linked to their goals."
beepHR allows employees to see how well they accomplished their goals, encourage their colleagues by sending “likes” and “thank you(s)” freely, while enabling them to keep track of their tasks. Getting in the habit of using a daily HR evaluation tool will help to make more accurate evaluations.
  • Manage targets such as qualitative, qualitative and OKR
  • Manage employees’ daily tasks
  • Visualize how employees are helping each other
  • Talent management decisions using Data
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    Creating complex shifts 90% automatically, beepShift
    "Since there are many employees, it takes a lot of time to collect shifts. Also, creating shifts takes a huge amount of time because managers need to consider what skills and working conditions each employee have"
    beepShift can handle complex shift creation for large factories and 24-hour logistics warehouses by registering the required number of qualified personnel together. If there is a shortage of staff when creating a shift, the app will automatically send notifications to employees who have registered their available locations in advance and incorporate them into the shift.
  • Capable of creating shifts for a large number of people
  • Able to create shifts in response to increases or decreases of labor demands
  • Employees' qualifications and skills can be reflected in shifts
  • Capable of meeting work hours and day limits
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