How Companies Can Improve Efficiencies

HR capacities vary among companies, with smaller companies often struggling with using older technology or using outdated methods due to simply lacking the capacity of larger organizations.  However, SaaS software mainly companies like beepnow can help improve smaller companies and improve their capacity and efficiencies.  beepnow’s SaaS software tools will help improve capacity and efficiency for companies as they grow.  Here are some ways smaller organizations can improve their efficiency. 

Implement OKRs

For smaller companies, it is often difficult to figure out what organizational goals are necessary to implement and track. Using OKRs helps with measuring progress and aligning organizations towards a common goal.  To increase productivity through the use of OKRs it is important to formulate them correctly.  OKRs are an effective management tool to express goals and intents while providing measures of outcomes.  For more information about OKRs please check our blog post on OKRs, “What are OKRs?”.

Improve Communication 

For smaller companies’ information should be easier to share throughout an organization, but it is important to have a single platform for various types of communication.  Communication is crucial for a company’s success.  Well-connected employees boost productivity.  To improve overall communication, companies need to take a look at their current internal communication strategies and tools.  

E-mail, text, phone calls, are how most people communicate internally, but often these methods are difficult to track and measure.  For internal communication, the best strategy is to replace e-mail with collaboration tools.  Using a single platform that is easily shared across multiple teams and even companies will improve communication and productivity.  

Embrace Automation and Digital Transformation to Reduce Administrative Duties

For companies, both large and small, embracing automation can seem difficult.  However, the benefits include improving productivity, communication, and overall efficiency. For HR, many tasks can be automated, as most HR duties are repetitive and require manual processes, anything that is repetitive can be automated it simply requires understanding the workflow.  Embracing automation and digital transformation allows companies to make better data-driven decisions and reallocates resources, mainly time and money, to be spent improving overall operations. 

Analytics, reporting, scheduling, and performance reviews are just a few of many items that digital transformation and automation and improve an organization’s overall efficiency. By embracing digital transformation an organization can improve operations and reducing administrative costs, freeing up time for strategic planning, and more time delivering a company’s goods and services.  For more information about digital transformation please check out another of our blog posts, “Digital Transforming HR

beepnow Can Help Improve your Organization’s Efficiencies 

beepnow is committed to helping companies digitally transform, by improving data collection, communication, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and more.  beepnow software comes with built-in communication tools and a system to implement OKRs.  With beepHR you also have a powerful AI-driven cloud-based performance management software in addition to being an HR core software, that improves data collection.  The data is also more secured with blockchain technology built into beepHR and beepShiftbeepShift is an AI drive auto-scheduling platform that will schedule based on employee skills, performance, location, and availability.  It allows you to support multiple locations in the cause of labor shortages.  beepnow software is applications to help implement a full digital transformation for an organization.   

beepHR, a New HR Evaluation Tool for Everyday Use
"Since HR evaluations are only checked when setting and reviewing goals, employees tend to lose their sight of goals during their day-to-day operations. Often employees are working at cross purposes because they are not aware of their tasks linked to their goals."
beepHR allows employees to see how well they accomplished their goals, encourage their colleagues by sending “likes” and “thank you(s)” freely, while enabling them to keep track of their tasks. Getting in the habit of using a daily HR evaluation tool will help to make more accurate evaluations.
  • Manage targets such as qualitative, qualitative and OKR
  • Manage employees’ daily tasks
  • Visualize how employees are helping each other
  • Talent management decisions using Data
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    Creating complex shifts 90% automatically, beepShift
    "Since there are many employees, it takes a lot of time to collect shifts. Also, creating shifts takes a huge amount of time because managers need to consider what skills and working conditions each employee have"
    beepShift can handle complex shift creation for large factories and 24-hour logistics warehouses by registering the required number of qualified personnel together. If there is a shortage of staff when creating a shift, the app will automatically send notifications to employees who have registered their available locations in advance and incorporate them into the shift.
  • Capable of creating shifts for a large number of people
  • Able to create shifts in response to increases or decreases of labor demands
  • Employees' qualifications and skills can be reflected in shifts
  • Capable of meeting work hours and day limits
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