To Build HR strategies and get accountability right

The Future is here

The marketplace is rapidly changing, HR professionals and leaders must keep their fingers on the pulse of disruptive technologies, new methodologies, and workplace culture.  We help modernize organizations through innovative use of technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain and improving the efficiency of HR processes.  

Building better HR Departments

Today’s HR professionals face many challenges: employee satisfaction, talent shortages/competition, budgeting, skill-gaps, proper goal setting/tracking, and a changing work landscape. We believe these challenges can be overcome with both technology and planning to future-proof organizations of any size. beepnow will help your organization to rise-up and meet any marketplace demands while keeping an eye on your bottom-line.

We provide both tools and strategies to transform HR. beepnow helps HR become more agile and safeguard your operational strategies from failing to overcome market pressures. Working with us will lead to better employee experiences, better employee engagement, automation of mundane HR processes, get a handle on data-driven decision making, and discover new insights based on analytics.

Building better HR Strategies

Better processes lead to better HR departments, by improving both efficiency and effectiveness. HR is rapidly evolving and becoming an increasingly more valuable business partner. Better HR departments develop overall strategies for recruiting, succession planning, talent development, overcoming skill-gap issues, engagement, and performance management. We help with overall strategies for new ways of working (remote, flextime, etc.) while ensuring accountability. With the help of beepnow cutting-edge tools like beepShift and beepHR every step in developing and implementing overall strategies becomes easier and more efficient.

Let us help develop or enhance your overall HR into a world-class business partner. 

Get Accountability Right

HR and business leaders need to track and measure performance, from employee to sales performance. To do this MBO (Management by Objectives) systems have been created. beepnow can help employers and HR departments implement MBO practices, by use of OKRs, SMART, etc. We can help your organization set, track, and manage your overall strategies using MBO tools built into our software platform. Our system also will allow you to identify any areas for improvement in your strategies, management, or team development down to the individual.

Let us help your company build accountability into every process and management strategy while letting our tools do the heavy lifting of collecting, tracking, and analyzing data.

Data-driven decisions

beepnow will help you track, manage, and use data to make strategic decisions. We will provide our proprietary tools, to collect and understand your workers and processes better. Provide your employees with better performance assessments, opportunities to develop their careers, and transfer employees into the right positions based on their unique skills. Take the pulse of your company’s overall health with specialized data measurements and analytics provided by your workers’ everyday activities and communication. beepnow will outfit your organization with powerful tools to make better business decisions based on reliable and trustworthy data.

HR Transformation

HR transformation begins with leadership and ends with building accountability into processes. Transformation is a cyclic process of improvement. Partnering with beepnow will help you monitor the overall health and performance of your organization and provide insights into areas for improvement.

beepHR, a New HR Evaluation Tool for Everyday Use
"Since HR evaluations are only checked when setting and reviewing goals, employees tend to lose their sight of goals during their day-to-day operations. Often employees are working at cross purposes because they are not aware of their tasks linked to their goals."
beepHR allows employees to see how well they accomplished their goals, encourage their colleagues by sending “likes” and “thank you(s)” freely, while enabling them to keep track of their tasks. Getting in the habit of using a daily HR evaluation tool will help to make more accurate evaluations.
  • Manage targets such as qualitative, qualitative and OKR
  • Manage employees’ daily tasks
  • Visualize how employees are helping each other
  • Talent management decisions using Data
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