How beepDelivery helps Improve Delivery Services

beepnow has developed a delivery management system to assist restaurants and delivery services.  beepnow’s beepDelivery is a tool for organizations to streamline delivery and order management, that allows companies to effectively meet the rising demand in delivery services while reducing associated costs.  Here are some of the items beepDelivery can help restaurants and delivery services do to reduce costs and increase profits. 

Ghost Restaurant Business Models
beepDelivery can also help companies that are considering developing a Ghost Restaurant.  A Ghost Restaurant is a relatively new business model that is a perfect fit in the digital age. Ghost Restaurants is basically a restaurant that is exclusively based on taking phone or online ordering instead of having a full-service restaurant with a storefront or dining room.  

This model allows a ghost restaurant to function with significantly lower overhead by reducing labor and operation space.  These restaurants are the delivery-only-restaurants with no need for seating, waitstaff, and or signage.  The startup costs are lower and the time from opening a ghost restaurant is significantly quicker.  All that is needed for a ghost restaurant is an online presence, a kitchen, and delivery staff.  Often Ghost Restaurants partner with third-party platforms, like UberEATS.  Additionally, ghost restaurants can use ghost kitchens, that are shared facilities for food preparation, which further reduces start up costs.  

beepDelivery can help Ghost Restaurants and traditional restaurants by providing these restaurants the ability to handle a large volume of orders, the ability to increase the efficiency of phone order taking and providing delivery optimization with the use of route optimization.  If a company operates more than one location, it will allow restaurants to share delivery staff among multiple locations in real-time.  For example, a delivery was made to a location on the edge of another store’s location, but all the delivery drivers are out, the nearest delivery driver will be notified to pick up a delivery at the location with the highest priority.  Allowing restaurants with multiple locations to share delivery drivers based on need in real-time.

beepDelivery allows Restaurants Using UberEATS and More to Use Their Own Staff 

Using beepDelivery has multiple advantages when using your own delivery staff.  Companies using UberEATS can decrease UberEATS fees by using their own drivers.  It allows restaurants to collect and charge their own delivery fees, thus increasing profits.  Increase sales by improving efficiency.  Through delivery optimization restaurants will improve their capacity to receive and handle more deliveries.  beepDelivery allows for more internal control, control over branding, delivery methods, and real-time management of delivery drivers. Continue using platforms like UberEATS, to expand a restaurant’s reach.  beepDelivery seamlessly integrates with UberEATS.  And finally, restaurants can provide new workstyles for their employees, such as allowing delivery staff to use their bikes, scooters, and motorcycles for delivery. 

beepDelivery for “Last Mile” Delivery 

With consumers increasingly turning to e-commerce for their shopping, the demand for a quick fulfillment of orders has increased.  The “Last Mile” is a company’s largest challenge, which has given rise to new supply chain models.  The “Last Mile” is basically the final step in the supply chain, this is the point where the package is delivered to the customer.  This step is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the supply chain.  It is also one of the most important steps in terms of customer satisfaction. The last mile is nearly 50% of the total shipping costs in a supply chain.  beepDelivery will help reduce overall costs, by streamlining and optimizing the last mile.  

beepDelivery software

beepDelivery offers four components to their software.  A company manager, that controls company-wide settings.  A restaurant manager for individual restaurant controls and management.  A restaurant app for easing order taking and processing.  And finally, a delivery app for delivery drivers that displays delivery routes and sends notifications to drivers.  beepDelivery will automatically assign drivers to deliveries based on location and priorities among multiple stores, also allowing managers to monitor driver locations and delivery times.  Join beepnow by using beepDelivery to improve managing your restaurant and delivery services, for more information please contact us.  

BeepDelivery: Track and Manage delivery staff
“The third party delivery services take comissions for using their online market places, and the more services you use the higher the fees you pay. Even if you want to use your own delivery staff, it's often difficult to manage them especially if you can't easily locate them, which adds to the hassle of having to call to check on them when customers contact you.”
With beepDelivery, you can take orders via UberEats, phone, etc., and automatically send delivery requests to your own delivery staff, who can then use the dedicated app to instantly see which route to take. Managers can track the location and delivery status of drivers in real time, to streamline and optimize management.
  • Orders received via Uber Eats, phone, etc. can be automatically assigned to your own delivery staff.
  • Multiple orders can be delivered in a single delivery.
  • Delivery drivers can be shared with different stores
  • Centralize management for both headquarters and branch stores by knowing the location and status of delivery drivers
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