How to Avoid Bias in Performance Reviews

Organizations want to create highly effective and accurate performance management systems.  However, most may find their current systems inaccurate and fraught with issues, one such issue may be biases.  The main purpose of conducting performance reviews are to improve employee productivity and performance.  Yet, many review processes are filled with bias traps and inaccuracies. Our beepHR system intends to reduce if not eliminate biases in performance reviews. 

There are several types of biases that may affect businesses:

  • Halo Effect: Is a basic tendency in which positive impressions of a person in one aspect tend to influence the opinion of other areas that may not be connected, or true. 
  • In-Group Bias:  Is a basic tendency to view one’s own group as more favorable than people not in their group. 
  • Gender-Bias:  Is a preference of hiring or considering people for open positions based on a preference for one gender over the other. 

Biases are not necessarily conscious, but they need to be controlled for in the workplace and for accurate performance reviews.  Utilizing a reliable system in which performance reviews minimize biases of all types will help for creating better workplace environments and improve productivity. 

Use Analytics to Discover Biases

Using analytics for both performance reviews and checking for unseen biases will help make better decisions.  The key to using analytics to reduce or discover potential bias, requires HR professionals to become more comfortable with using data.  To create a fairer workplace, data will be the starting point.  The data you collect should come from any system you have in place for measuring success.  This comes from any MBO system you choose.  beepHR can help manage HR analytics in one system designed for all workers to use, not just the HR department. 


Build in Alignment Between Individual Goals and Organizational Goals

HR and business leaders need to track and measure performance, from employee to sales performance. To do this MBO (Management by Objectives) systems have been created. beepnow can help employers and HR departments implement MBO practices, by use of OKRs, SMART, etc.  Using MBOs can help your organization set, track, and manage your overall strategies. 

Using the OKR methodology, individual OKRs should lead towards or must have a connection to corporate OKRs.  If they are created correctly, there should be alignment between the individual and their role in the company that leads to better overall organizational performance.   A part of the OKR methodology is the ability for workers to monitor progress and self-report statuses. Self-reporting should also be transparent and shared among teams and managers, this supports both engagement and accountability.

It should also be made visual, via a software dashboard, progress board, or a Kanban-type board. This offers managers and team members a quick reference for progress on objectives and helps quickly notice and issues in achieving these goals. It allows for more efficient responses and attention at the team and personal level, thus allowing for the transparent and proactive strategic management of workers.  This creates objectivity, verses subjectivity in performance management and will eliminate biases.

OKR methodology, LEADS individualS TO connect WITH corporate OKRs.

Open Box and Open Question Issues

When creating performance reviews, it is better to eliminate the open question or written commentary box.  Performance reviews need to be structured and not open to interpretation.  Open box type reviews create ambiguity and vagueness.  Eliminating vagueness means for more accurate performance reviews and an elimination of biases as a result. Open-ended questions in performance reviews should be eliminated; since they are both often vague, but also difficult to measure. 

Performance reviews need to be structured and not open to interpretation. 

Eliminate Bias to Improve Performance and Productivity

By improving performance reviews, you can improve productivity.  Employees want fair, transparent, and clear direction, without it companies can suffer.  Employees make up the bulk of business costs, ensuring you retain and engage employees in a fair and steady manner is key to ensuring growth. 

beepHR is built on making work better for workers and companies, through engagement and accurate performance evaluations and assessments by using both AI and HR analytics to make better business decisions.

accurate performance evaluations and assessments by using both AI and HR analytics.

beepHR, a New HR Evaluation Tool for Everyday Use
"Since HR evaluations are only checked when setting and reviewing goals, employees tend to lose their sight of goals during their day-to-day operations. Often employees are working at cross purposes because they are not aware of their tasks linked to their goals."
beepHR allows employees to see how well they accomplished their goals, encourage their colleagues by sending “likes” and “thank you(s)” freely, while enabling them to keep track of their tasks. Getting in the habit of using a daily HR evaluation tool will help to make more accurate evaluations.
  • Manage targets such as qualitative, qualitative and OKR
  • Manage employees’ daily tasks
  • Visualize how employees are helping each other
  • Talent management decisions using Data
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