Staff Scheduling Transformed

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beepShift is a workforce management software platform that transforms the way managers schedule their employee shifts.

Instead of spending hours on this tedious task, it can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Watch how beepShift can make shift-scheduling simple and easy.

AI Makes Shift Management Easier and Smarter than Ever

Whether using Excel spreadsheets or pencil and paper, managers spend hours just on scheduling employees for the upcoming week. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into beepShift turns hours of scheduling into seconds.

  • Employees best suited for a shift are scheduled instantly per a manager’s pre-determined inputs.
  • Change requests or additional personnel are assigned automatically.
  • Shift notifications are issued per a manager’s pre-set times.

Share Your Workforce and Never be Short Staffed Again

Managers can efficiently share employees across multiple store locations as needed. Staffing shortages are eliminated, and human resources management becomes much less burdensome.

  • Employees can be utilized from other store locations to ensure customer satisfaction and increase revenue.
  • By simply paying/receiving a minimal handling fee, managers can borrow/lend employees from another franchise location.
  • Employees desiring additional shifts can be scheduled as the need occurs, helping to increase staff retention and employee satisfaction.

Keep Your Top Performers

Staff members welcome appreciation and recognition for attaining their goals or being a model employee. Acknowledging an employee’s efforts further motivates them to do a great job.

  • Managers as well as staff receive coins to send stellar employees for a job well done.
  • These coins allow these high-performing employees to purchase merchandise or services from the company or from other select retailers.
  • This merchandise can be purchased easily via beepay, aQR code transaction system.

Communication Made Simple and Secure

Everyday managers must sift through various types of communication, from emails and chat to phone calls and texts, making scheduling very labor intensive and problematic.  beepShift provides a single mode of communication, making it effective and efficient for employees and managers to share availability and schedules.

  • With the mobile app right at their fingertips, schedule management is convenient and easier than ever.
  • Using blockchain technology, all performance reviews, number of hours worked, etc. are stored securely and automatically in the Cloud.
  • Employees can use their secure employment history, instead of a resume as they move along in their career path.

Competitive Assessment

beepShift Deputy ShiftBoard Humanity
AI Assigns Shifts Automatically
Shift Request Submission
Shift Adjustment if Workforce Shortage
Workforce Sharing between Company Stores
Workforce Sharing between Franchises (Available in 2019)
Internal Currency (Points) Recognition System
Resume Sharing

Monthly Usage Fee

We calculate the usage fee for each site.
(Calculation example)
In the case of a corporation that operates two stores, there are seven employees at the store A and 18 employees at the store B.
site A:3,000 Yen
site B:3,000 Yen + eight employees x 300 Yen = 5,400 Yen

Number of users price
Less than 10 employees 3,000 Yen(excluding tax)
Per person, if there are more than 11 employees 300 Yen(excluding tax)added
Option to share workforce between other stores 1,000 Yen(excluding tax)
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