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Team members no longer have to be unclear about a project’s goals, purpose and direction.  Clarity not only helps to relieve unnecessary stress in the workplace, but also positively impacts an employee’s evaluation.

  • Even before a project is kicked-off, beepHR offers easy-to-use qualitative and quantitative templates to ensure all team members are in sync regarding objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and goals.
  • During a self-evaluation period, employees can enter ratings regarding their level of performance.
  • Employee ratings, along with those entered by their evaluators, are visible to both parties, resulting in unequaled transparency.
  • Ratings, templates, interviews, workflows and other key information is readily stored in and accessible from the Cloud.

Most Comprehensive Level of Evaluation

Every employee likes to be complimented for a job well done.  In today’s human resources systems not all positive interactions are recorded and taken into consideration at review time.

  • Similar to posts on social media, beepHR enables employees to send approvals such as a like, thumbs up, thank you or other compliments to their co-workers.
  • These positive interactions are recorded in an employee’s work history to help ensure deserving candidates are promoted or compensated appropriately.
  • Along with positive social posts, 360-degree evaluations are documented, resulting in a comprehensive assessment of each team member.

A Unique Way to Recognize your Best Employees 

Want to recognize a model employee, but looking for a more creative way to do it?  Let beepHR take care of this problem with its unique rewards system called beepay.

  • Positive social media posts about a job well done are always appreciated, but beepHR provides each manager and staff member coins, which can be used to further recognize outstanding employees.
  • These coins enable these high-performing employees to purchase merchandise or services from the company or other select retailers.
  • This merchandise can be purchased easily via beepay, a QR code transaction system.

Blockchain Technology Guarantees Accurate, Comprehensive Employee Data

Unfortunately, resumes are not always the most accurate source of an employee’s work history, leading to undesirable hires.  Using blockchain technology, beepHR provides a more secure, accurate and comprehensive picture of a candidate’s experience.

  • All employee data, from evaluations and attendance records to awards, achievements and interview history, are captured and stored using blockchain technology.
  • Increased visibility helps to improve employee productivity, which in turn results in the type of workforce desired.
  • Using the beepHR mobile application, comprehensive employee data is accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Instead of a resume, an employee can use this all-encompassing record as they progress along their career path.

Competitive Assessment

beepHR BambooHR Zenefits BizMerlin
Performance Reviews
Employee Benefits Add-On
Employee Engagement Management Add-On Add-On Add-On
Internal Currency (Points) Recognition System
Resume Sharing
Initial Set-up Fee No Yes No No

Monthly Usage Fee

The usage fee is calculated by each base.
(an example for calculation)
In a case of a company having two bases, base A has 7 employees and base B has 18 employees.
The total employee number is 25 people

Number of people Price
~20人 30,000yen
21~50 60,000yen
51~75 80,000yen
76~100 100,000yen
101~200 190,000yen
201~300 250,000yen
301~400 310,000yen
401~ Negotiable
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