Alex Tsai

Co-Founder, Director of the Board, beepnow Inc. (US)
Representative Director and CEO, beepnow systems Inc. (Japan)

2003 Graduated from Osaka City West High School, English Department
2003 Nexyz Corporation
2005 ITC Network (now CONNECTIO)
2008 Rakuten, Inc.
2014 Established a hotel and private guest house management company
2017 Co-founded beepnow, Inc.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Osaka, Alex joined Nexyz in 2003. As a salesperson, he was responsible for selling ADSL for Yahoo, Sky PerfecTV, and Japan Telecom's Value Line. Later, he worked at ITC Network (now Conexio), where he was engaged in mobile phone sales for au, docomo and Softbank.

After joining Rakuten, he was in charge of managing ad spaces and creating a number of large features such as the Rakuten Top Page and Rakuten Super Sale.

He has worked as an R&D team leader and a SHOP OF THE YEAR project leader, planning a purchase page that utilizes natural language processing. Jointly obtained a patent on a search method. He was awarded MVP for organizing the "Emotional Page," a story design method that stimulates purchase desire. Started a vacation rental business in the Shin-Imamiya area of Osaka City when the term "vacation rentals" did not yet exist. The company expanded to 10 rooms in three months, 30 rooms in six months, and 280 rooms in a year. Subsequently, the company expanded into the hotel business, which acquired the Inn Business Law approval. He sold and exited this business in 2017.

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