Our Motivation

Work life balance is important for many people. However, this can come with a price tag in terms of financial success.

Alex Tsai, a founder of beepnow, realizes the importance of work life balance; therefore, he developed a skill-sharing application, which makes it easier for people to “commercialize” their talents.

And, with blockchain technology incorporated into beepnow solutions, your achievements and evaluations are readily available as you further your career.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and empower employees as well as their employers. By enriching employees’ daily lives with key software tools, such as beepHR and beepShift, an employer can benefit as well with a lower turnover rate and an improved bottom line.

Our Vision

beepShift and beepHR are excellent software tools that maintain the trustworthiness of employee information. Online reviews and recommendations do not offer the same level of credit ability. With the blockchain technology used in beepShift and beepHR, you can be assured going forward that an employee’s evaluations and experience are accurate. Wrong hires will not be an issue any longer.

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