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These kind of problems can also be solved!
Nursing Case
① Problem
Difficult management and adjustment of night shift
As for night shifts, it is necessary to comply the 72-hour rule and assure rest periods, therefore it takes time to create shifts, such as for calculating working hours.

① Solution
Easy management of night shift for 24-hour shift
The shift is set automatically according to the 24-hour shift set and night shift and rest time. You can easily set the rest time between work hours so that nurses can have enough rest time.
② Problem
Difficult to shift management considering the placement of qualified personnel
Certified nurses, professional nurses, care managers, helpers, and other qualified nurses must be included, as a result more effort is needed to adjust optimal combinations.
② Solution
Automatically create shifts with well considered combinations
The required number of experienced nurses, new nurses and qualified nurses can be registered and shifted, so there is no need for the administrator to consider about the combination.
Nursing Case Usage Example
Shifts are automatically created by comprehensively considering nursing skills and priorities. Even if you have many skills, you can easily make shifts.
1. Register the required number of people in the shift model for each nursing job
You can create different shift models by day, floor or ward and section.
2. Collect desired shifts from nurses
The status of submitting shifts is easy to understand at a glance. Reminders to submit shifts to nurses are also sent automatically.
3. Automatically set shifts according to the level of work acquisition and number of people
You can choose from five levels of experiences in your section. For example, set up Certified Nurses, Professional Nurses, and Care Managers as sections, and set the level of acquisition for seniors and newcomers. The system automatically shifts based on these data. It also automatically adjust the number of people in each section according to the required staff.
4. Final confirmation of shift
When all the shifts have been adjusted or completed, you can make a final check.
5. Notify nurse of confirmed shift
Notify all the nurses that the shift has been confirmed. If you find a sudden vacancy after confirmation, you can request help from other nurses at once.
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