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beepnow offers innovative workforce management and personnel evaluation software platforms that managers and staff will love to use. By incorporating leading-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain, beepnow’s cloud-based software solutions offer capabilities unmatched by the competition.

Work should be enjoyable, not stressful, for managers and their employees. For managers, the SAAS solutions offered by beepnow take the hassle out of time-consuming scheduling, increase the employee retention rate, and result in improved customer satisfaction overall.

beepnow software solutions also make the workplace a better place for employees thanks to an improved evaluation process, new methods for employee motivation, and a single location for an employee’s entire work history. And, beepnow solutions are available as mobile applications, resulting in unprecedented convenience and efficiency for managers as well as employees.

It is time to upgrade your old work processes with software solutions from beepnow.
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New and Innovative Use of

Every day millions of business transactions occur between vendors, partners, and consumers. These transactions not only include money, goods and services, but also data. Blockchain is a method businesses use to make these exchanges more secure and more efficient.

beepnow uses blockchain to ensure an employee’s work experiences, performance evaluations and other information are accurate. Using blockchain for a human resources application is revolutionary and has even been recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Enhance the Employee
Evaluation Process

By using AI, an employee’s performance is scored on a 1,000-point scale. These points are calculated per the comments received from his/her manager and colleagues. Thanks to language processing, the virtues of an employee, such as certain personality traits and attitudes toward work, are described by comments and analyzed, transforming them into a quantitative evaluation using the 1,000-point scale.

Employee's data such as performance evaluations and attendance records are then securely stored via blockchain, ensuring the credibility of these information.

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Let AI Schedule Shifts for You
Managers know that trying to juggle employees’ schedules and their ever-changing requests for time off can turn scheduling into a challenging task. However, scheduling issues are now a problem of the past thanks to the Artificial Intelligence capability built into beepShift.
Employee-Sharing Across
Sites is Easier than Ever
Often sites chains experience shortage of staff at a particular location. By using beepShift, available employees can be scheduled at various sites to ensure each location is staffed appropriately and the workforce is deployed in the most efficient manner.
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Enjoy a Competitive Advantage
Employees disgruntled with their performance evaluations will no longer be an issue thanks to beepHR. This comprehensive performance review tool makes it easy to cover many different areas, from goal setting to performance evaluation.
Increase Employee
Motivation and Loyalty
It is often said that employees are no longer loyal to companies. However, with beepHR there now are multiple ways to motivate employees and increase their level of company loyalty.

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